Monday, 1 December 2014

Self Employed

Actually since I comprehend myself by rsrsr individuals, I have dependably been near a sewing machine for my Grandma constantly made their own particular garments, and has up to now a vigorele artist , those great old pedal , which is a relic and amazingly ... she still funciona.I'm actually having a grandma who can sew , I never had me inspired by learning , however constantly appreciated artworks provide for sew was a pulo.Desde my child was conceived " quit working " .Nesse period I took a course of modern sewing , and I could purchase my machines have a straight , serger and galoneira , I made a cutting stroke and sewing , yet the majority of the minimal I know , I learned atrav├ęz books and the web ai likewise had the thought of ​​blog later on need to head off to college Fashion Design , effectively seeing a few pieces I 'll do it without anyone's help , then sewing for me is not just side interest is additionally trabalho.The  work we do and like is WONDER.

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